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  • Ready-made Grab & Go meals available for pickup today.
  • Wide variety of ready-to-cook petite meals, sides, desserts and appetizers.
  • Customize certain meals by selecting ingredients and portion size.
  • Convenient, online ordering.
  • Fresh, frozen, gluten-free options and more!
Store FAQ

Dinnner Done
Our customizable menu changes monthly, while our Grab & Go prepared meal selection changes even more frequently and includes not only ready-to-cook entrées from the monthly menu, but also an assortment of side dishes, desserts, appetizers and brunch dishes. Except for a few “favorites” which may be repeated as often as every few months, you will have the opportunity to always try new things, so check back often!
Our customers don’t think so. In fact, they often comment on how reasonable our prices are when compared to other ready-to-cook or prep-and-cook options -- and, because our dishes are frozen-fresh, there is nothing sitting in the fridge going bad because of a last minute change in dinner plans. Add the valuable time you save by not having to plan meals, shop and chop ingredients, etc... and Dinner Done is a real bargain!
Absolutely! We have a large selection of Grab & Go and Ready-Made petite-sized prepared meals that are available for same-day pickup. You can even just pop in the store any time and pick up ready-to-cook, prepared entrees, side dishes, appetizers, desserts and brunch dishes. If you need your meals customized, however, please order from one of our customizable monthly menus. Customization takes a few days and an additional fee applies.
Our ready-made Grab & Go entrees are petite-sized and serve a family of 2-3. Meals on our customizable monthly menu can be packaged in family-sized portions, which are double the size of our petite meals and serve a family of 4-6.
A petite entrée is exactly half the portion of our family-sized entrées, so ordering two petite-sized portions of a prepared meal is the same as ordering one family-sized portion. In our opinion, petites offer a few added benefits: the smaller packaging may be easier to store in the freezer and, on those evenings when not everyone is home, you can easily cook a smaller portion, saving the second petite for another day. If you are customizing your meals, however, family-sized portions are available as an option.
Yes, there are a certain number of meals offered each month that may be customized for an additional charge. You will find those meals in the Customizable Monthly Menus section of our online store. As the name implies, we will customize these dishes for you according to your specifications. If you'd like gluten-free options, lower-fat, low or no added salt, or have any other specific request, simply select your dishes from these menus and note in the comments the customization that you need. The "petite" menu provides dishes packaged in our petite portions (serves 2-3), while the "family-size" menu provides dishes packaged in our family-size portions (serves 4-6). A great option if you need customization of just one or two dishes is to select those from the customizable menu and then to choose the rest of your dishes from the ready-made Grab & Go menu - that will provide the best value! Grab & Go dishes and meals on our Ready-Made prepared meals menu are not able to be customized.
Good question… it does seem confusing! Our customizable monthly menu is the menu that is available for customers to prepare themselves in the Dinner Done Kitchen during an In-Kitchen Session. We also offer that menu for in-store meal pickup (ToGo) and meal delivery. Because we have the ingredients on-hand to prepare those dishes for the entire month while Kitchen Sessions are running, we are able to customize those meals for our ToGo and Delivery customers as well. Grab & Go prepared meals are not able to be customized because we prepare a limited quantity in one batch. Once they are sold, they're gone! Our ready-made Grab & Go sells quickly and the variety is constantly changing so check the Store often to see what's new!
Yes! If there is a Dinner Done dish you loved, let us know. We are often able to make a batch for our Grab & Go prepared meals case, or will work to include it on a coming monthly menu.
Yes. Each prepared entrée is labeled with specific cooking instructions. Like any ready-to-cook meal, cooking times may vary depending on the starting temperature of the dish, as well as your individual oven and stove. For perfect results every time, we recommend using an instant read thermometer to ensure that your meals are cooked to the proper internal temperature!
Yes. We use an assortment of disposable pans and freezer bags. Our prepared meals should fit in a standard freezer with no problem, with plenty of room left for the kids’ ice cream! It’s not a bad idea, however, to clean out your freezer before your Dinner Done Kitchen Session, meal pickup or meal delivery.
Many Dinner Done prepared meals go straight from the freezer to the oven, or are packaged specifically to be quick-thawed. If you prefer to thaw your entrees in advance, there are three safe ways to defrost food: in cold water, in the microwave or in the refrigerator. Thawing on the kitchen counter, or at room temperature is not a safe way of defrosting food.
Freezing is nature’s preservative. When food is kept frozen at or below 0F, the food is safe indefinitely, though there will be a degradation in quality over time. We recommend that Dinner Done ready-to-cook, prepared meals are eaten within 6 months of purchase; however, should you discover a meal in your freezer that has been there longer (and has been frozen at 0F the entire time), it is safe to cook and eat.
No worries. We are happy to hold your meal pickup order for you until you are able to pick up. If you are delayed more than a few days, or your order contains fresh items, please let us know.
How often we offer local $5 meal delivery depends on where you live. Enter your address in the "Choose Pickup or Delivery Date" box in the upper left column of our online store and you’ll be presented with upcoming delivery options and dates. If you would like a meal delivery before our next $5 Delivery Day to your area, feel free to place a FedEx overnight delivery. Depending on your exact address, we will either ship your meals to you, or send one of our friendly drivers.
We are able to ship meals overnight to most addresses in our state for a $29.95 shipping fee. Enter the desired shipping address and our system will show you available options.
If you will not be home during your delivery time but will be returning home soon, you may leave a large cooler in a shady area near the front door with a note clearly indicating that our driver should leave your meals there. If our driver arrives to find no one home to receive your meal delivery, and clear instructions have not been left as to what to do, our driver will return the meals to Dinner Done for In-Store Pickup at your convenience. Communication is key to our deliveries running smoothly and we always appreciate a call if something unexpected may happen.
If we have attempted delivery and you were not home, we will bring your meals back to the Dinner Done store and have them ready for In-Store Pickup at your convenience.

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