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Ready To Cook Meals

From gourmet dishes to everyday favorites, there's always something new to try!

Dinner? Done!

Hello, Easier Evenings!

We get it. After a long day working and running the kids around, putting dinner on the table can be a real struggle.

And, yet, time around the dinner table is a chance to set cell phones and video games aside and make meaningful connections.

Our goal? To make your busy evenings easier with hand-crafted ready to cook dishes that are delicious, healthy, and convenient.

Stuffed Portobello Mushrooms



Time spent chopping onions and mincing garlic.

We take care of the prep work so you don’t have to.


Complicated prep and cooking instructions.

All of our dishes include easy to follow cooking instructions.


Food spoiling in the fridge.

We start with the freshest ingredients and freeze our ready to cook dishes immediately to lock in peak flavor and nutrition.


Messy kitchen.

Our no-prep approach means less cleanup.


Wondering what's for dinner.

We’re in your freezer, ready for you whenever you need us.

Why Ready To Cook?


You'll Love The Variety

With over 40 entrees to choose from – and menus that change often – you’ll always find something new to try… from gourmet to everyday!

Easy To Prepare

Easy To Prepare

Created specifically to go freezer to table with no ingredient prep or complicated cooking instructions.

Even Kids Love Us

Even Kids Love Us

We’ve got first-hand experience with finicky eaters! You’ll find plenty of healthy dishes that even the pickiest of eaters will love.

Restaurant Quality At Home-Cooked Prices

Restaurant Quality At Home-Cooked Prices

We’ve spent almost 20 years perfecting our fresh-frozen approach. Dinner – delicious, easy, and reasonably priced.

More You-Time

More You-Time

Our fresh-frozen ready to cook dishes are in the freezer when you need them. This means no ingredient prep and fewer dirty dishes. Less kitchen time, more you-time!

Food You Feel Great Serving

Food You Feel Great Serving

We use quality ingredients just like you would at home and minimize added salt and unnecessary sugars.

(We raised our kids on Dinner Done, too!)

The Dinner Done Difference


Ready to Cook.

At Dinner Done, we begin with the end in mind: to provide a wide variety of delicious, convenient options that are always available in your freezer when you need them!


We know not all recipes are created equal. That’s why we’ve spent over 15 years developing more than 600 recipes specifically designed for our unique fresh-frozen technique.



We hope you love our food enough to order often, but don’t want you worrying about cancelling inconvenient automated purchases. Unlike boxed meal kits and other delivery services, Dinner Done is not a subscription service. Simply order what you want, when you want it!

Your Taste. Your Choice.

We get that sometimes you just want to purchase entrees, or that your family only likes certain side dishes. Most of our dishes are sold a la carte, which gives you flexibility to create meals that work best for your family.



Our portion sizes are perfect for families with picky eaters. And, Dinner Done’s entrees serve a family of 2-3, making it simple to serve a more gourmet dish for mom and dad while, at the same time, preparing something kid-friendly for the little ones.



Why do we call it “fresh-frozen”? We’re glad you asked! We start with the freshest ingredients, purchased from local markets and quality broadliners, and then immediately hand-craft and freeze our dishes. This locks in amazing taste, while keeping nutrition at its peak until you cook it for the first time at home. As a result, our frozen is often fresher than “fresh”!



We are proud to operate close to zero food waste. We buy the right amounts needed to prepare our dishes, use fresh ingredients right away, and work hard to avoid food waste. Our approach is not only great for the environment, but also allows us to keep our prices low… we think that’s a win-win!

Locally owned and operated.

We opened Dinner Done in 2004 in Tampa Bay and continue to make dishes by hand in our Carrollwood kitchen. Stop in and see us any time. We’re here, we’re a part of the community, we are committed to offering outstanding customer service, and we’re always happy to help.

What is a Dinner Done ready to cook dish?

Pork Cassoulet

Simply stated, our dishes don’t require ingredient prep, but do require at-home cooking. While we offer a small selection of fresh vegetable side dishes and ready to eat salads, Dinner Done’s menu options primarily feature three types of entrees…

  • Freezer-to-oven dishes bake directly from frozen and, because of this, tend to take longer to cook. However, they don’t require any attention.
  • Ricotta Spinach Stuffed Chicken is an example of one of our many popular all-in-one freezer to oven dishes.
  • You’ll find freezer-to-oven dishes ideal for those nights when the kids need help with homework, or you just need a little “you-time” before dinner. Simply pop it in the oven and you’re free to do other things while dinner cooks!
Freezer-to-Instant Pot
  • Freezer-to-Instant Pot meals are packaged to fit in a standard sized Instant Pot and cook directly from frozen. Because they cook at high pressure, these dishes are ready to serve in under an hour.
  • Classic Pot Roast is one of a growing number of Instant Pot-ready dishes that we offer on a regular basis.
  • Freezer-to-Instant Pot entrees are a great option for any night of the week because they are ready in under an hour and require no assistance. Simply set it and forget it!
  • Quick-thaw/sauté entrees are designed and packaged to thaw quickly and cook on the stovetop. They are faster to prepare, going freezer-to-table in under 30 minutes, require no prep-work but do require a little stovetop cooking time from the “home chef” (that’s you!).
  • Cashew Chicken Stir Fry over Rice is a great example of one of our quick-thaw/sauté dish. It is one of our more complicated ready to cook entrée kit and includes 4 parts: marinated chicken breast chunks, a homemade stir fry sauce, uncooked white rice, and chopped cashews. We package it so it can be quickly thawed and cooked in under 30 minutes.
  • Quick-thaw/sauté dishes are perfect for those nights when you simply need a tasty, nutritious meal fast!

Do Dinner Done meals work for busy families?

Ready To Cook Page Father Son Looking At Oven

Most definitely! In fact, we created Dinner Done because we struggled to put healthy meals on the table for our three young children night after night. Between trying to please picky eaters and juggling a hectic schedule of work and after-school activities, dinner often ended up being an afterthought.

We never seemed to find time to plan meals in advance, but wanted something healthier than fast food menu options.

We knew how important dinner was – not just the quality of the actual meal, but also the importance of sitting down and eating together as a family at least a few nights each week.

Finding a solution…

So, we developed meals that made our busy lives easier and gave us a chance to spend more quality time with our children. Our goal was to create healthy, ready to cook options that needed no ingredient preparation.

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Dishes that required little advance preparation and menu planning. And, we opted to freeze our dishes uncooked because freezing – nature’s preservative – gave us the freedom to keep a wide variety of dinner options always on-hand.

Freezer-to-oven dishes were our go-to those nights when there was a lot of homework because we could pop them in the oven to cook while the kids finished studying. Similarly, quickthaw/sauté dishes were great those nights we arrived home late and hungry… and needed to cook a nutritious, delicious meal fast!

As the kids grew older, they were able to follow our simple cooking instructions and help with dinner. Years later, our children are now young adults in their own homes and their freezers are stocked with Dinner Done!

It’s just the two of us. Is Dinner Done right for couples?

Dinner Done Right For Couples

Absolutely! Our entrees serve a family of 2-3, which makes them perfectly portioned for couples, empty-nesters, and those with small families.

In fact, empty-nesters and retirees often tell us they love the value of our meals as well as the convenience of having ready to cook options in their freezer.

They’ve spent so many years cooking for others, and now serve Dinner Done dishes two to three meals per week, giving them more time to enjoy new hobbies.

Does your menu change often?

Flank Steak Preparation

Yes, our menu changes at least a little bit – and sometimes a lot – every day!

While we strive to keep a variety of our most popular dishes always on the menu, we also have a Featured Dishes menu that changes each month.

Additionally, we often make batches of customer favorites by request, and also we have special seasonal items that appear throughout the year.

Does Dinner Done make gluten-free dishes?

Taverna Chicken

Yes. Because we work with customers with celiac disease, as well as those who simply have a gluten-free dietary preference, many of the entrees Dinner Done develops are gluten-free.

We also offer a variety of gluten-free side dishes.

You’ll find a gluten-free dishes noted as such at the end of each description, as well as in the “Nutritional Info” tab of each menu item.

What about keto options?

Spice Chicken With Sweet Vinaigrette

We offer a wide variety of ready to cook keto friendly dishes, which are are easily identifiable by a “keto-friendly” notation at the end of each description.

Additionally, we have created a special “Keto-Friendly” menu where all of our current keto-friendly options can be easily viewed and ordered!


Can Dinner Done meals be customized?

Bacon Broccoli Cheddar Stuffed Pork

At Dinner Done, we prepare our ready to cook dishes in batches. It’s how we reach our goal of bringing you the lowest prices possible for hand-crafted, high quality, locally prepared entrees with near-zero food waste.

Unfortunately, this means that we are not able to offer customization of our dishes.

We do, however, have such an extensive offering that we’re sure you’ll find something for everyone.

Contact us with any questions about our offering and ingredients. We’re always happy to help!