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Dinner Done has been creating hand-crafted ready-to-cook meals using fresh ingredients and no added preservatives since 2004!


We offer a customizable menu that changes each month, as well as a wide selection of Grab & Go dishes that change even more frequently, and special seasonal packages


With so much to choose from, you'll never wonder what's for dinner!


Menu FAQ

Our customizable menu changes monthly, however our Grab & Go prepared meal selection changes even more frequently and includes not only ready-to-cook prepared meals from the monthly menu, but also a large assortment of other dishes. Except for a few “favorites” which may be repeated as often as every few months, you will have the opportunity to always try new things, so check back often!

Dinner Done entrees are ready-to-cook dishes prepared by our in-house Prep Team using fresh, high quality ingredients. No preservatives are added to our entrees, which are immediately frozen unless otherwise specified. Many of our dishes cook directly freezer-to-oven or are quickthaw/sauté. That means no more throwing away food or ingredients that go bad in the fridge because your dinner plans changed at the last minute!

We are experts at using the freezer as nature's preservative, and have been developing tried and true freezer-ready prepared meals since 2004. In addition to our freezer-ready dishes, Dinner Done is proud to expand our offering with a growing selection of fresh, ready-to-cook options!

Our dishes are not only convenient and delicious... You can feel great using Dinner Done knowing that we have near-zero food waste in our kitchen. We are proud to have "zero-waste" as a goal. It's not only good for the environment, it has also allowed us to provide amazing meals at a reasonable price for over a dozen years.

Good question… it does seem confusing! Our customizable monthly menu is the menu that is available for customers to prepare themselves in the Dinner Done Kitchen during an In-Kitchen Session. We also offer that menu for In-Store Pickup (ToGo) and Delivery. Because we have the ingredients on-hand to prepare those dishes for the entire month while Kitchen Sessions are running, we are able to customize those meals for our ToGo and Delivery customers as well. Ready-to-cook Grab & Go prepared meals are not able to be customized because we prepare a limited quantity in one batch. Once they are sold, they're gone! Our Grab & Go sells quickly and the variety is constantly changing so check the Store often to see what's new!

We have been creating our own recipes at Dinner Done since 2004. We currently have over 600 main dish recipes and a wide variety of side dish, appetizer, brunch, dessert - and even sauce and spice blend - recipes that have all been developed in-house!

Dinner Done meals are hand-crafted in our kitchen. Unlike entrees prepared in manufacturing facilities, our prepared meals are made in the Dinner Done kitchen by our Prep Team. Because of this, nutritional information can vary though we do our best to prepare each dish exactly as our recipe states.

For those preparing their own meals in a Kitchen Session, actual nutritional information can vary considerably as you customize your own entrees in the kitchen. Adding extra cheese? Omitting the olive oil? Our nutritional information is calculated based on the recipe displayed in Kitchen Sessions, so small changes can significantly impact calorie counts!

Dinner Done uses software to calculate nutritional information and we strive to make it as accurate as possible. All nutritional information is based on 6 servings for family-sized portions or 3 servings for petite-sized portions, unless specifically stated otherwise. If you have any questions or concerns about our nutritional information, please let us know.

As a general rule, we use ingredients similar to those sold in local grocery stores and used in fine restaurants. Dinner Done works with a variety of suppliers and local markets to ensure the freshest, highest quality ingredients. We strive to minimize the use of unhealthy ingredients found in many of today’s prepared foods. To achieve that, we prepare our sauces and compound butters in-house, and will also make things like Adobo spice blend to ensure it contains no MSG! We read labels, ask questions, and do all we can to guarantee that only the most nutritious and delicious foods find their way to your (and our!) family’s dinner table.

A word about green options: Dinner Done would love to provide green and organic options where possible. These products are often cost-prohibitive and not consistently available in the large quantities that we require. Our chicken and pork is always hormone- and steroid-free. Federal guidelines prohibit the use of added hormones in poultry or pork. Dinner Done offers a vegetarian fed, raised-without-antibiotic chicken as an option for an additional fee – ask us for more information! We do realize that the organic market is growing and are watching for opportunities to add organic style products to our offering, while also continuing to provide healthy meals at an affordable price.

We are happy to review any recipes with you before you place your order. Customers preparing meals in an In-Kitchen Session are able to substitute and eliminate ingredients as desired. Meals from the customizable monthly menu prepared by our Prep Team for ToGo or Delivery can also be customized.

At Dinner Done, we always work hard to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients, however, please note that we work with a wide variety of ingredients in our kitchen - to include nuts, wheat, dairy, and shellfish - and are unable to guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination. If an allergy is severe or life-threatening, we advise against ordering from Dinner Done. Feel free to stop in and take a look at our kitchen so that you can determine if our services are right for you and your family. /p>

Meals prepared in an In-Kitchen Session are all family-sized, serving a family of 4-6. Since these are meals that you prepare yourself in our kitchen, they can be easily packaged into smaller portions – and customized to personal taste - at no additional charge.

Customizable meals and Grab & Go prepared meals for In-Store Pickup and Delivery are petite-sized and serve a family of 2-3. Meals on our customizable monthly menu can also be packaged in family-sized portions by special request. Family-size meals are double the portion size of our petite meals and serve a family of 4-6.

A petite entrée is exactly half the portion of our family-sized entrées, so ordering two petite-sized portions of a dish is the same as ordering one family-sized portion. In our opinion, petites offer a few added benefits: the smaller packaging may be easier to store in the freezer and, on those evenings when not everyone is home, you can easily cook a smaller portion, saving the second petite for another day. If you are customizing your meals, however, family-sized portions are available as an option.
Yes, there are a certain number of meals offered each month that may be customized for an additional charge. Because of the time it takes our team to customize meals, a family-sized portion will provide the best value. Grab & Go meals are petite-sized meals that we prepare in one large batch for our Grab & Go freezer. Once those meals are sold - and they tend to sell quickly! - we will prepare a batch of something else. Because we prepare our Grab & Go meals in batches, they are not able to be customized.
Yes! If there is a Dinner Done dish you loved, let us know. We are often able to make a batch for our Grab & Go prepared meals case, or will work to include it on a coming monthly menu.
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