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Virginia Grab & Go

Last Updated:  09/24/2015

This is the Centreville Grab & Go listing... 

Our Grab & Go entrees tend to sell quickly and the variety is always changing.  If there's something in particular you'd like, feel free to give us a call at 703.266.4004 and we'll be happy to make sure it is still "in stock" and to set it aside for you.

ENTREES:  Petites (serve 2-3): $17.00.  Family Sized (serves 4-6): $32.00

  • Herbed Balsamic Bleu Chicken (Freezer To Oven)
  • Genoa Chicken--(Freezer To Oven)
  • Bourbon Chicken -- (Stovetop)
  • Double Stacked Chicken Quesadillas-- (Freezer to Oven)
  • Chicken Pot Pie Pastries-- (Freezer To Oven)
  • Chicken Parmiggiana --(Freezer To Oven)
  • Ten Spice Chicken --(Freezer To Oven)


  • BBQ Pulled Pork (Thaw to Crockpot)
  • Dijon Herb Pork Tenderloin (Freezer To Oven)


  • Double Stack Beef Quesadillas (Freezer to Oven)
  • Beef Filets with Robert Sauce (Freezer To Oven / Thaw to Stovetop)
  • Gorgonzola Beef Filets (Freezer to Oven)


  • Salmon Wellingtons --(Freezer To Oven)
  • Wine Country Salmon --(Freezer To Oven)
  • Pecan Bourbon Salmon (Freezer To Oven)
  • Greek Style Shrimp (Thaw to Skillet)
  • Shrimp Scampi (Thaw to Skillet)
  • Crab Cakes (Freezer To Oven or Thaw to Skillet)
  • Miso Salmon --(Freezer To Oven)


  • Garden Turkey Chili (Thaw to Skillet)
  • Turkey Minestrone with Garlic Bread (Thaw to Stovetop)
  • Quinoa Turkey Meatloaf (Freezer To Oven)
  • Turkey Ricotta Meatballs over Pasta (Freezer To Oven / Thaw to Stovetop)


SIDE DISHES:  $7.25each unless otherwise specified.  Serves 3-4.

  • Twice Baked Mashed Potatoes --  (Freezer to Oven)
  • Roasted Red Pepper Mashed Potatoes  ---  (Freezer to Oven)
  • Sweet Corn Mashed Potatoes  -- (Freezer to Oven)
  • Corn Souffle--(Freezer to Oven)
  • Spinach Souffle--(Freezer to Oven)
  • Asian Green Beans --   (Freezer to Oven or Freezer to Skillet)
  • Sweet Potato Souffle--(Freezer to Oven)
  • Gren Bean Casserole--(Freezer to Oven)
  • Roasted Garlic Mashed Potatoes --(Freezer to Oven)
  • Cape Cod Mixed Veggies --(Thaw to Skillet)


  • Apple Crisp--(Freezer to Oven)  $7.25
  • Blueberry Peach Crisp (Freezer to Oven) $7.25
  • Molten Chocolate Cakes (Freezer to Oven) $7.25

If you'd like for us to make sure a particular item is "in stock" or to have us set something aside for you, please give us a call (703.266.4004) or email us: robert@DinnerDone.com.   We'll be happy to help in any way we can!

Dinner Done is closed on Sundays. 

Gluten Free Options Available!

 We've been busy developing delicious gluten free options!

Most of the dishes on our monthly menus have a gluten free option - if they aren't naturally gluten free!  Gluten free substitutes are available in the kitchen for those preparing their own meals.  We are also able to prepare gluten free entrees for ToGo and Delivery orders.

You can tell which dishes are gluten free, or have gluten free options, by looking at the end of the nutritional information for each menu item on our Current Menus page.

If you or someone in your family is on a gluten free diet and you have questions, please don't hesitate to give us a call at 813.264.7700.

~ Your Dinner Done Team


Centreville Free Delivery Days

Save a little extra time - and gas - by taking advantage of our Free Delivery Days!


If you live in one of our Free Delivery Day areas, simply schedule your Delivered Session for the appropriate date and select the Free Delivery Day Menu.  The $25 delivery fee will be automatically waived.

Free Delivery Day Zones:

  • Zone 1 (First Saturday of the Month): Fairfax, Centreville, Clifton, Chantilly, Reston, Herndon, Oak Hill, Oakton, Vienna, Tysons Corner, McLean or Great Falls
  • Zone 2 (Second Saturday of the Month): Manassas, Bristow, Nokesville, Gainesville, Aldie, Haymarket, Leesburg, Sterling, Ashburn, Landsdowne, South Riding, Brambleton, Broadlands.
  • Zone 3 (Third Saturday of the Month): Arlington, Alexandria, & Washington DC.
  • Zone 4 (Fourth Saturday of the Month): Annandale, Falls Church, Springfield, Burke, Fairfax Station, Woodbridge, Dumfries, Lorton or Dale City
  • Free Delivery Days appear on our In-Kitchen Session Calendar (they are noted on Saturdays!) and also on our Current Menus page.  
  • Reserve your Free Delivery Day order by selecting a "DELIVERY" order (do not order a ToGo!) for the appropriate date.  Be sure to select the Free DELIVERY DAY Menu so the Delivery Fee is waived!

    Don't live in one of the Free Delivery Day areas or prefer another date? Call to see if we do deliver to your area!

    Call 703.266.4004or email centreville@dinnerdone.com for more information or to set up your Free Delivery Day!

About Our Nutritional Information

About Nutritional Information

All Dinner Done meals are hand-crafted.  Unlike entrees prepared in manufacturing facilities, our ToGo, Grab & Go and Delivered meals are made in the Dinner Done kitchen by our meal prep team.  Because of this, nutritional information can vary though we do our best to prepare each dish exactly as our recipe states. 

For those preparing their own meals in a Kitchen Session, actual nutritional information can vary considerably as you customize your own entrees in the kitchen.  Adding extra cheese?  Omitting the olive oil?  It can significantly impact calorie counts!

Dinner Done uses software to calculate nutritional information and we strive to make it as accurate as possible.  All nutritional information is based on 6 servings for family-sized portions or 3 servings for petite-sized portions, unless specifically stated otherwise. 

Common Question:  There are 5 chicken breasts in my family-sized chicken entree.  Is nutritional information based on one chicken breast per portion?

We are often asked this question.  Because our chicken breasts and beef filets are hand-trimmed and portioned by weight, the actual number of chicken breasts and beef filets in an entree can vary.    Sometimes we receive large chicken breasts and other times they are smaller.  We portion by weight to ensure that everyone receives the same overall amount. 

This weight variance we see in our meats prevents us from being able to provide nutritional information per chicken breast, per beef filet or even per tilapia or salmon filet!    So, the nutritional information for one portion of a petite entree would be 1/3 of the dish; and the nutritional information for one portion of a family-sized entree would be 1/6 of the dish.

If you are following a specific diet and require that your meals be portioned into six servings per dish, please feel free to ask for assistance from our Session Specialists during your session.  They will be able to help you or to provide you with what you need to further cut/portion your protein.

Please contact us with any questions.

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