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We plan, buy, chop and clean up… You have fun in the kitchen!     

Kitchen Session  |   ToGo Session  |  Delivery Session

1. Signing up for your Kitchen Session:
Sign up for your Dinner Done Session on the Web, by phone or by email. Select 4 or more entrée items from our monthly menu.  Each entrée serves 4-6, depending on appetite.

2. The day of your Session:
Arrive at our energizing, professional kitchen ready for a fun, fast and productive experience. All you need to bring is a large cooler to take your meals home. Or, if you live close by, a large plastic laundry basket works great! We’ll provide an apron, disposable bake ware and everything else you’ll need to make and store your entrées.

Rotate around our prep stations making your entrées. Easy-to-follow recipes are displayed, and all the ingredients are ready. No need to chop or dice – we’ve already done it for you! Feel free to customize your meals, too – add extra seasoning, omit an ingredient you don’t like, or modify your entree to be lower in carbs, calories or fat!

After 2 hours, you’re ready to go home with a cooler full of delicious meals that you’ve made personally. You’ve had time to chat with old friends, or may have made a few new ones! Best of all, you leave the mess behind!

3. After Your Session
Throughout the month, you’ll use the delicious meals you’ve prepared. Easy-to-follow cooking instructions are on the label, as are suggestions for side dishes and wine. Enjoy your home-cooked meals and more time with your family!

Still have questions? Contact us.

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Love the idea, but can’t make it to a Kitchen Session? Try a To Go! or Delivered! Session. 

In addition to our Family-Sized Portions, serving 4-6, we also offer Petite Portions, serving 2-3, for our ToGo and Delivered orders.    Click here to see our meal package prices.

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