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What is the serving size of each entreé?
Each entrée serves 4-6 adults. If this is too much for your family, feel free to split entrées into two servings of 2-3 adults each. We provide both large and small pans in our kitchen and you are free to use whichever best suits your family. Placing a To Go or Delivery order? We’ll be happy to split your meals for you if you’d like!

Is Dinner Done expensive?
Our customers don’t think so. In fact, they often comment on how reasonable Dinner Done is at under $3 per serving. And that doesn’t even begin to consider the valuable time you save by not having to plan your meals, shop for ingredients, prepare the entrées and clean up afterwards!

Can I customize my meals?
Of course! Modify the recipes to suit the taste of your family. If you like spicy foods, add more seasonings. Don’t like onions? Don’t put them in. And, if you'd like to modify a meal to better fit into your diet, we provide nutritional information as well as suggestions on how to make our entrées lower in fat or carbs wherever possible.

Will all this food fit in my freezer?
Yes. We use an assortment of freezer bags and disposable pans. Your entrées should fit in a standard freezer with no problem. There should still be plenty of room for the kid’s ice cream! It’s not a bad idea, however, to clean out your freezer before your Dinner Done session.

What is the best way to thaw my entrées?
Many Dinner Done entrées can go straight from the freezer to the oven. For those that will need to be thawed first, there are three safe ways to defrost food: in cold water, in the microwave or in the refrigerator. Thawing on the kitchen counter, or at room temperature is not a safe way of defrosting food.

Can I bring my kids?
Bringing children to a Dinner Done Kitchen Session isn’t recommended, although we have had customers bring adult children to help. If you’d like to prepare meals with your child, we encourage you to schedule a parent/child private party with a group of friends. A Dinner Done session with older children is a great chance to spend time with your child – and they may also learn a thing or two!

Can I bring a friend to do the session with me?
Bringing a friend or partner to work in the kitchen with you is fine. We do ask that no more than two people per reservation work together in the kitchen. And, to help keep the kitchen comfortable for everyone in the session, you’ll be asked to work together at the same recipe station throughout the session.

How often does the menu change?
Our menu changes monthly. Except for a few “favorites” which may be repeated as often as every few months, you will have the opportunity to always try new things.

I can’t make it to my session, what do I do?
If you aren’t able to attend your Kitchen Session, we would be happy to reschedule you for another date or to change your order to include To Go or Delivered service. Because food is pre-ordered based on session reservations, a two-day notice is required to change your Kitchen Session date. To change your order to include To Go or Delivered service, simply call us on or before the day of your scheduled session.

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