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How It Works

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Click Menus & Ordering in the menu above.


Choose Pickup or Delivery

Using the Pickup or Delivery Box on the Menus page.

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Our system automatically defaults to the first available pickup date, but you can select any pickup date up to 30 days in advance.


For available delivery options, enter your address and click “Find Options”. You will see one or both of the options below:

  • $5.95 Delivery Day Specials*: Our most popular delivery option! Each Saturday we are in a different area of Tampa Bay making $5.95 deliveries. See map below for a general idea of our delivery zones.
  • Special Tampa Delivery: For addresses within 10 miles of our Carrollwood store, we are able to coordinate a special delivery for an additional fee. If the delivery address is more than 10-miles from our store, please contact us.

*If there is no $5.95 Delivery Day option for your address, you may be outside of our delivery zones. Contact us to learn about our $5.95 Delivery Day Meetup Locations.

Zone Map


Shop Our Menus

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Browse our menus and add your selections to the shopping cart.

Menu Tips

  • The Add to Cart button is at the bottom of each menu.
  • Our Entrees & More menu is the best place to see everything that is currently available. It has a huge variety and dishes are shown in this order:
    1. Fresh Side Dishes
    2. Poultry Entrees
    3. Beef Entrees
    4. Pork Entrees
    5. Seafood Entrees
    6. Brunch Dishes
    7. Side Dishes
    8. Appetizers
    9. Desserts
  • The Monthly Feature Menu: While dishes in our Entrees & More menu change frequently, each month we have a dozen feature entrees that are available all month long. You’ll find all of our current Monthly Feature Dishes in the Entrees & More Menu!


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When you’re ready to checkout, simply click on the shopping cart icon in the upper right of your screen and follow the checkout procedure.

Although you can always checkout as a Guest, we recommend creating an account so you can:

  • View order details, including nutritional information & cooking instructions, and
  • Participate in our Super Chef Rewards* program!

*Super Chef Rewards: Make just three purchases of $99 or more in a 4-month period and we’ll automatically add a $30 store credit to your Dinner Done account!


Check Your Email

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Picking Up? We’ll email you just as soon as we’ve bagged your order. Want curbside? It’s our pleasure. Simply call us when you’re on your way and we’ll be happy to bring your order out to you!

$5.95 Delivery? Check your email Friday afternoon – we’ll be sending an estimated delivery time so you don’t have to wait around all morning for our drivers! If you’re not going to be home when we are scheduled to deliver, feel free to leave a cooler in a shady place. Just put a note on it to let our drivers know you’d like your order left there.

Special Delivery? If you place an order for special delivery to an address within 10 miles of our store, we’re going to give you a call to coordinate delivery!



Relax knowing you have delicious, ready to cook dishes in the freezer to ease your busy evenings!

Which menu do you recommend?

Great question! We recommend shopping the Entrees & More because it includes all of the dishes currently available.

Here’s a little more info on the different menus you may see while shopping in our online store:

Entrees & More!

In the Entrees & More Menu, you’ll find everything available for pickup and delivery. That’s over 80 items – entrees, side dishes, appetizers, brunch dishes, and desserts!

We update this menu daily – removing sold out dishes and adding the new dishes we’ve made. Don’t forget the Add to Cart button is at the bottom!

Sides, Appetizers & Desserts Menus

Looking for just side dishes? Or maybe a few appetizers and desserts? You’ll find them in these menus. 

As always, all dishes are also in the all-inclusive Entrees & More Menu.

Monthly Feature Entrees

Once you’re in our online store, you’ll also see a Monthly Feature Entrees menu which shows the entrees that we will keep available the entire month. 

Tip: You will also find these entrees in the Entrees & More Menu the entire month they are featured!

Keto-Friendly and Gluten-Free Menus

Once in our online store, you’ll notice the Keto-Friendly Eats menu – it’s a quick way to see the Keto-Friendly dishes currently available. Of course, all of these dishes are in the Entrees & More menu, too!

We’ve also got a Gluten-Free Combos menu for our gluten-free and celiac friends. This menu is laid out a bit differently than the others – only the name of each dish is shown. To see more information on the dishes, simply check the Entrees & More menu.

More questions? We’ve got answers.

Are you a franchise?

No, we aren’t. Dinner Done is proud to be locally owned and operated. We have been in our Carrollwood location since we opened in February 2004!

Our Menus and Meals

What should I know about Dinner Done entrees?

That’s a great question! Our ready to cook entrees are made by an in-house prep team using high quality, fresh ingredients and then frozen immediately – that’s why we call it fresh-frozen! This means you’ll have Dinner Done in the freezer when you need it, and not sitting in the fridge going bad because your plans changed at the last minute. 

Some of our entrees are cooked from freezer-to-oven, while others are quick-thaw/saute and go freezer to table in under 30 minutes. We also have dishes that are perfect for air fryers and Instant Pots!  

Since 2004, Dinner Done has been creating high quality ready to cook entrees specifically for freezer-to-oven and quickthaw/saute preparation. It’s our area of expertise and is definitely a unique offering!

I see several menus. Which should I order from?

We recommend shopping the Entrees & More because in it you will find everything currently available for pickup and delivery. There are over 80 items to choose from – entrees plus a variety of side dishes, appetizers, brunch dishes, and desserts!

We update this menu daily – removing the sold out dishes and adding in new dishes we’ve made. Don’t forget…  the Add to Cart button is at the bottom.

The other menus are there to make shopping a little more convenient if you are just looking for something special like brunch dishes, desserts, or keto-friendly dishes – but, remember, all items in these other menus are also included in the Entrees & More menu!

Does your menu change?

Yes, our menus do change.

The Entrees & More menu is updated each weekday as we remove sold out dishes and add new dishes made that day.

Our Featured Entrees change monthly and showcases 14 entrees that will be available the entire month.

If there is a specific Dinner Done dish that you love and it’s not currently offered, let us know. We do take requests!

What is the serving size of each entreé?

Our ready-to-cook entrees serve a family of 2-3, unless otherwise noted. Serving sizes are specified in the description of each dish.

Where can I find prices?

In the menu! You’ll find the price of each dish noted in the description. Be sure to check out the Ways To Save page for information on our SuperChef Rewards program and quantity discounts.

Nutritional and allergen information, as well as at-home cooking instructions are also included for each item in our menu.

Do dishes come with cooking instructions?

Absolutely! We label each dish with specific cooking instructions. In fact, you can see cooking instructions in the menu when making your purchase.

I have a food allergy. Can I have my entrees customized?

Our ready-to-cook dishes are prepared in batches and are not able to be customized. This helps us maintain a near-zero food waste and keep our costs low.

You’ll find allergen information for each dish in our online menus. If you have questions on specific ingredients, feel free to call us at (813) 264-7700. 


Can I order for same-day pickup?

Absolutely! Order online by 4pm and your order will automatically be set for same day curbside pickup! You can also just pop in the store any time and pick up meals.

Do you offer curbside pickup?

Yes, we do. Simply give us a call when you’re on your way and we’ll gladly take your order to your car.

Can I just stop in or do I have to order online?

You are more than welcome to stop in and shop! We’ll give you a tablet device to view our menus, are happy to answer any questions you have, and will bag your order right away. 

How do I know when my order is ready for pickup?

We’ll send you an email just as soon as we have your order bagged and ready for pickup!

Occasionally our emails get caught in spam filters, so if you don’t hear from us check your spam filter or give us a call at (813) 264-7700.

I can’t pick up my order on the date I requested. What do I do?

No worries. We are happy to hold your order for you until you are able to pick up.

If you are delayed more than a few days – and especially if there are fresh veggie side dishes in your order – please let us know.


How often do you deliver to my neighborhood?

When we deliver to your area depends on where you live. Every Saturday, Dinner Done makes $5.95 Deliveries to one area (or “zone”) of Tampa Bay. The map below approximates our four delivery zones, and we typically begin with Zone 1 on the first Saturday of each month. 

In the online store, use our “Choose Pickup or Delivery Date Here” box to see the exact delivery and pickup options available to you. If you aren’t in one of our delivery zones, contact us. We have different meetup points our zones each Saturday and would be happy to meet you!


Why don't I see a $5.95 Delivery Day option?

If you don’t see a $5.95 delivery option for your address, you may be out of our delivery area. However, we do offer $5.95 delivery to different meetup points each Saturday.

Email or give us a call and we’ll be happy to find the meetup point that is closest to you, or to discuss any special delivery options we may be able to offer.

What will my delivery time be?

On Friday afternoon, once we have received all of our delivery orders, we’ll send you an email with your 1-hour delivery time window.  

Do you ship meals?

Unfortunately, we are not currently able to ship meals.

SuperChef Rewards & Past Order Information

What is the SuperChef Rewards program?

Our SuperChef Rewards program is a deliciously easy way to earn $30 store credits. Simply, create a Dinner Done account and be sure to log in when placing your orders (or at checkout)!

You’ll receive a SuperChef point each time you make a purchase of $99 or more. Earn three SuperChef points in a 4-month period and you’ll automatically receive a $30 store credit as our way of saying “Thanks!” 

Yep. It’s that easy! And there’s no limit to the SuperChef rewards you can earn.

How do I know if a SuperChef point is about to expire?

SuperChef points expire after 4 months. In your Dinner Done account page, select My SuperChef Points to view all active SuperChef points and their expiration dates.

Click “View History Log” to see expired or used SuperChef points.

Where is my $30 store credit? How do I use it?

It’s in your Dinner Done account in the “My Credits” area, and is easily applied toward any order during checkout:  In Step #3 (Payment) of checkout, you’ll see an option to apply “Store Credit” as payment.  

Note that you will only be able to select the “Store Credit” payment option if you have store credits in your Dinner Done account.

I placed an order over $99, but I don't see a SuperChef Point in my account. What happened?

 SuperChef Points will appear in your account after your order has been marked as picked up or delivered. If you think you are missing a SuperChef point, let us know!

Where can I view past order information?

View past order information, including nutritional information and cooking instructions, by logging into your Dinner Done account.

Note that if you were not logged into your Dinner Done account when the order was placed, it will not be accessible.

The Dinner Done Difference


Ready to Cook.

At Dinner Done, we begin with the end in mind: to provide a wide variety of delicious, convenient options that are always available in your freezer when you need them!


We know not all recipes are created equal. That’s why we’ve spent over 15 years developing more than 600 recipes specifically designed for our unique fresh-frozen technique.



We hope you love our food enough to order often, but don’t want you worrying about cancelling inconvenient automated purchases. Unlike boxed meal kits and other delivery services, Dinner Done is not a subscription service. Simply order what you want, when you want it!

Your Taste. Your Choice.

We get that sometimes you just want to purchase entrees, or that your family only likes certain side dishes. Most of our dishes are sold a la carte, which gives you flexibility to create meals that work best for your family.



Our portion sizes are perfect for families with picky eaters. And, Dinner Done’s entrees serve a family of 2-3, making it simple to serve a more gourmet dish for mom and dad while, at the same time, preparing something kid-friendly for the little ones.



Why do we call it “fresh-frozen”? We’re glad you asked! We start with the freshest ingredients, purchased from local markets and quality broadliners, and then immediately hand-craft and freeze our dishes. This locks in amazing taste, while keeping nutrition at its peak until you cook it for the first time at home. As a result, our frozen is often fresher than “fresh”!



We are proud to operate close to zero food waste. We buy the right amounts needed to prepare our dishes, use fresh ingredients right away, and work hard to avoid food waste. Our approach is not only great for the environment, but also allows us to keep our prices low… we think that’s a win-win!

Locally owned and operated.

We opened Dinner Done in 2004 in Tampa Bay and continue to make dishes by hand in our Carrollwood kitchen. Stop in and see us any time. We’re here, we’re a part of the community, we are committed to offering outstanding customer service, and we’re always happy to help.

What Our Community Is Saying


Five Star Rating

I love Dinner Done! They help my hectic week by making dinner so easy. The quality is always fantastic and the food is so delicious. We eat fabulous dinners that I would never take the time to make regularly. I recommend them regularly and will never stop going. Thank you Dinner Done!


Five Star Rating

I can’t say enough about how wonderful this place is. Not only is the food great, prices fair, but the customer service is excellent….I’ve been getting food at Dinner Done for 10 years and I am never disappointed. If you’re single, you’ll get three meals out of the dinners most likely. Big money saver.


Five Star Rating

I never review businesses on Google but this place is a life saver. Seriously. I have a 3 year old and 2 year old, I work early mornings and late evenings, my husband is an ER nurse…. This has made it easy for me to have a well rounded, nutritious and tasty dinner for my family every night. The meals are super good and super easy to cook…. and they even bring it out to your car for you...



Facebook Recommendation

I ordered Dinner Done last minute and was impressed how quickly my order was ready today. Anna is amazing! I loved how knowledgeable and helpful she was with us. We arrived close to closing and you never would have known because she treated us kindly.


Facebook Recommendation

Most of my meals are from Dinner Done… absolutely delicious!! Great variety and makes life so much easier. Highly recommend.


Facebook Recommendation

Great food & outstanding customer service.


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