Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dinner Done a franchise?

No, Dinner Done is proud to be a locally owned and operated business. Dan and Audra Nasser first opened the Tampa Bay location in February 2004 after six months of crazy-fun trial sessions with very patient friends in their home kitchen, and then later in a local church facility. The Virginia location opened in 2005, and is owned and operated by Dan’s brother and his wife, Robert and Flor Nasser.


Our Menus and Meals

What are Dinner Done entrees like?
Our entrees are ready-to-cook, prepared meals made by our Prep Team using fresh, high quality ingredients. No preservatives are added to Dinner Done entrees, which are immediately frozen unless otherwise specified. That’s right, that means no more throwing away food that goes bad because your dinner plans changed at the last minute!

Many of our dishes can be cooked directly from freezer-to-oven, while others are “quick-thaw/sauté” and often go freezer-to-table in less than 30 minutes. Dinner Done has been developing ready-to-cook prepared meals specifically for freezer-to-oven and quick-thaw/sauté preparation since 2004.

We also have a selection of fresh, ready-to-cook options, as well as side dishes, appetizers and desserts available.

How often does the menu change?
Dinner Done’s customizable menu changes monthly. Our ready-made Grab & Go prepared meal selection changes more frequently. Except for a few “favorites” which may be repeated as often as every few months, you will have the opportunity to always try new things, so check back often!

What is the serving size of each entreé?
Our ready-made Grab & Go prepared meals are petite-sized and serve a family of 2-3. Meals on our customizable monthly menu can be packaged in family-sized portions, which are double the size of our petite meals and serve a family of 4-6.

I have a large family. Is there a benefit to having my meals packaged in petite portions?
A petite meal is exactly half the portion of our family-sized meals, so ordering two petite-sized portions of a dish is the same as ordering a family-sized portion. In our opinion, petites offer a few added benefits: the smaller packaging is easier to manage in the freezer and, on those nights when not everyone is home, you can easily cook a smaller portion, saving the second petite for another day. If you are customizing your meals, however, family-sized portions are available as an option.

Can I have my meals customized?
Yes, there are a certain number of meals offered each month that may be customized for an additional charge. Because of the time it takes our team to customize meals, a family-sized portion will provide the best value. Ready-made Grab & Go prepared meals are not able to be customized.

What is the difference between ready-made Grab & Go, the monthly Ready-Made Menu and the monthly Customizable  menus?
Good question… because we offer dishes in a variety of way, it can seem confusing! Each month, we have a monthly menu featuring entrees that will be available throughout the entire month. There are three different ways that you can shop the monthly menu for In-Store Pickup and Delivery:

  • Ready-Made menus will have names like Ready-Made January Menu. These ready-to-cook, prepared meals are made in batches and will be available the entire month for in-store pickup and delivery. Because these dishes are made in batches, they are not customizable. They represent the best value.
  • We have two Customizable menus available each month. They have names Customizable January Petite Menu or Customizable January Family-Sized Menu. Like their name implies, we will customize these dishes for you according to your specifications. If you'd like gluten-free options, lower-fat, low or no added salt, or have any other specific request, you will select your dishes from these menus. The "petite" menu provides dishes packaged in our petite portions (serves 2-3), while the "family-size" menu provides dishes packaged in our family-size portions (serves 4-6). There is an additional fee for us to customize your meals. A great option if you need customization of just one or two dishes is to select those from the customizable menu and then to choose the rest of your dishes from the ready-made menu - that will provide the best value!

In Kitchen Sessions, you are making your own meals so you are always able to customize your dishes yourself. Entrees in Kitchen Sessions are always family-sized, serving a family of 4-6, and can easily be split into smaller portions at no additional charge. The same entrees that are offered in our current Customizable Family-Sized Menu are available in our Kitchen Sessions. 

Do you take requests?
If there is a Dinner Done dish you loved, let us know. We are often able to make a batch for our ready-made Grab & Go freezer!

Are cooking instructions included with the meals?
Yes. Each prepared meal is labeled with specific cooking instructions. Like any ready-to-cook prepared meal, cooking times may vary depending on the starting temperature of the dish, as well as your individual oven and stove. For perfect results every time, we recommend using an instant read thermometer to ensure that your meals are cooked to the proper internal temperature!

Where do you get your recipes?
We have been creating recipes at Dinner Done since 2004. We currently have over 600 main dish recipes and a wide variety of side dish, appetizer, brunch and dessert recipes that have all been developed in-house!

We use a variety of suppliers to ensure the freshest, highest quality ingredients and work to minimize the use of unhealthy ingredients found in many of today’s prepared foods. We do things like make our own Adobo spice blend to ensure it contains no MSG! We read labels, ask questions, and do all we can to guarantee that only the most nutritious and delicious foods find their way to your (and our!) family’s dinner table.

How is your nutritional information calculated?
All Dinner Done meals are hand-crafted.  Unlike entrees prepared in manufacturing facilities, our meals are made in the Dinner Done kitchen by our Prep Team.  Because of this, nutritional information can vary though we do our best to prepare each dish exactly as our recipe states.
For those preparing their own meals in a Kitchen Session, actual nutritional information can vary considerably as you customize your own entrees in the kitchen.  Adding extra cheese?  Omitting the olive oil?  It can significantly impact calorie counts!

Dinner Done uses software to calculate nutritional information and we strive to make it as accurate as possible.  All nutritional information is based on 6 servings for family-sized portions or 3 servings for petite-sized portions, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Does Dinner Done use organic ingredients?
Dinner Done would love to provide organic ingredients for our dishes, however these products are often cost-prohibitive and not yet consistently available. Our chicken is free-range, hormone and steroid free, and is fed a natural diet. We do realize that the organic market is growing and are watching for opportunities to add organic products to our offering, while also continuing to provide healthy meals at an affordable price.

As a general rule, we use ingredients that are similar to those sold in local grocery stores and used in fine restaurants.

A family member has a severe allergy? Is Dinner Done OK for them?
We are happy to review any recipes with you before you place your order. Customers preparing their own meals in an In-Kitchen Session are able to substitute and eliminate ingredients as desired. Prepared meals on our monthly menu can also be customized by our Prep Team.

At Dinner Done, we always work hard to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients, however, please note that we work with a wide variety of ingredients in our kitchen and are unable to guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination. Feel free to stop in and take a look at our kitchen so that you can determine if our services are right for you and your family.


In-Kitchen Sessions

Can I customize my meals?

Of course! In a Kitchen Session, you have the opportunity to modify the recipes to suit your family’s taste. If you like spicy foods, add more seasonings. Don’t like onions? Don’t put them in. And, if you'd like to modify a meal to better fit your diet, we provide nutritional information as well as suggestions on how to make our entrées lower in fat or carbs wherever possible.

Can I bring kids to a Kitchen Session?
Each month, we have a Mom (or Dad!) & Me Session in the kitchen. It’s perfect for cooking with your younger child. Older kids are welcome to prepare meals with you in any Kitchen Session.

Can I bring a friend to a Kitchen Session with me?
Bringing a friend or partner to work in the kitchen with you is fine. We do ask that no more than two people per reservation work together in the kitchen. And, to help keep the kitchen comfortable for everyone in the session, you’ll be asked to work together at the same recipe station throughout the session.

How often does the menu change?
The In-Kitchen menu changes monthly. Our ready-made Grab & Go prepared meal selection changes more frequently!

I can’t make it to my Kitchen Session, what do I do?
If you aren’t able to attend your Kitchen Session, we would be happy to reschedule you for another date or to change your order to include meal pickup or meal delivery service. Because ingredients are ordered and prepped based on session reservations, a 24-hour notice is required to change your Kitchen Session date. To change your order to include To Go or Delivered service (additional fees apply), simply call us on or before the day of your scheduled session.


In-Store Pickup

Can I order for In-Store Pickup today?
Absolutely! We have a large selection of ready-made Grab & Go petite-sized prepared meals that are available for same-day pickup. You can even just pop in the store any time and pick up meals. If you need your meals customized, however, that will take a few days and an additional fee applies.

Can I have my meals customized?
Yes, there are a certain number of meals offered each month that may be customized for an additional charge.You will find those dishes on our "Customizable" menus in the online store. Customization of meals takes additional time; these meals will not be ready for same-day pickup. Because of the time it takes our team to customize meals, a family-sized portion will provide the best value. Ready-Made and Grab & Go meals are prepared in batches and are not able to be customized.

I can’t pick up my order on the date I requested. What do I do?
No worries. We are happy to hold your order for you until you are able to pick up. If you are delayed more than a few days, please let us know.



How often do you deliver to my neighborhood?
How often we offer local delivery depends on where you live. In the online store, enter your address in the "Choose Pickup or Delivery Date Here" box and you will see the meal delivery and pickup options that are available. If you only see FedEx delivery as a meal delivery option, call us to see where our closest delivery meeting point is for you!

I’d like to ship meals to an out-of-the-area address. Do you do that?
We are able to ship ready-to-cook prepared meals via ground overnight to most addresses in our state. Enter the desired shipping address and our system will show you available options.

I have to run out for a quick errand and might be gone when your driver arrives. What are my options?
If you will not be home during your meal delivery time but will be returning home soon, you may leave a large cooler in a shady area near the front door with a note clearly indicating that our driver should leave your meals there.

I forgot you were coming and missed my delivery. What do I do?
If we have attempted meal delivery and you were not home, we will bring your meals back to the Dinner Done store and have them ready for In-Store Pickup at your convenience.


At Home

Will all this food fit in my freezer?
Yes. We use an assortment of disposable pans and freezer bags. Your prepared entrées should fit in a standard freezer with no problem.

What is the best way to thaw my entrées?
Many Dinner Done entrées can go straight from the freezer to the oven. For those dishes that need to be thawed first, there are three safe ways to defrost food: in cold water, in the microwave or in the refrigerator. Thawing on the kitchen counter, or at room temperature is not a safe way of defrosting food.

How long will my meals last in the freezer?
Freezing is nature’s preservative. When food is kept frozen at 0F, the food is safe indefinitely. However, there will be a degradation in quality over time. We recommend that Dinner Done prepared meals are cooked within 6 months of purchase, however, should you discover a meal in your freezer that has been there longer (and has been frozen at 0F the entire time), it is safe to cook and eat.


Payment & Pricing

Is Dinner Done expensive?
Our customers don’t think so. In fact, they often comment on how reasonable our prices are, especially when comparing portion size and prices to other prepared meals or prepare-it-yourself meal options. And that doesn’t begin to consider the valuable time you save by not having to plan meals, shop for – and chop - ingredients, prepare the entrées, and clean up afterwards! Pricing information is available on our Pricing page. 

What credit cards do you take?
Dinner Done takes all major credit cards.

Can I pay with a check or cash?
Dinner Done does not accept checks, but if you’d like to pay for your In-Store Pickup or Kitchen Session with cash please feel free to phone us to place your order. We will be happy to place it for you so that you may pay at pickup or the day of your session. Delivery orders must be pre-paid as our drivers are not equipped to take payment. 

Do you store my credit card information?
For your security, Dinner Done does not store credit card information. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

What is a SuperChef certificate?
Make three $99+ purchases within a 4-month period and we will automatically create a $30 SuperChef certificate that may be used toward your next purchase. SuperChef certificates are valid for 3 months after their issue date. For purchases to count toward a SuperChef certificate, they MUST be credited to your Dinner Done account at the time of purchase! If the purchase is made online, this is automatic. If a purchase is made in our store, please be sure to ask our team to ring up the purchase in your Dinner Done account! Unfortunately, we are not able to retroactively add a purchase to your account due to system limitations.

Please note that store credits, including SuperChef certificates, do not count toward the $99 required purchase to earn credit toward a SuperChef certificate. For example, if your purchase is $105.00 and a $30 SuperChef certificate is applied, the "true" order total is $75 and the order will not meet the $99 purchase requirement to earn credit toward a SuperChef certificate. If your purchase is $130.00 and a $30 SuperChef certificate is applied, the "true" order total is $100 and it will meet the $99 purchase requirement!