Frequently Asked Questions

Is Dinner Done a franchise?

No, Dinner Done is proud to be a locally owned and operated Tampa Bay business. Audra and Dan Nasser first opened the Carrollwood location in February 2004 after months of crazy-fun trial “Kitchen Sessions” in their home kitchen with very patient friends, and then later more focused test sessions in a local church facility.

When Dinner Done first opened, we offered only 14 entrees each month in our make-your-own-meal classes. In 2017, we launched a new website allowing us to offer a much larger variety of dishes.  We now offer 80+ ready-to-cook dishes each day!

Our Menus and Meals

What are Dinner Done entrees like?

Our entrees are ready-to-cook dishes made by our in-house prep team using fresh, high quality ingredients. No preservatives are added to Dinner Done entrees and we freeze them immediately, unless otherwise specified. That means Dinner Done dishes are in the freezer for when you need them, and not sitting in the fridge going bad because your plans changed at the last minute!

Many of our entrees can be cooked directly from freezer-to-oven, while others are quick-thaw/sauté and often go freezer-to-table in less than 30 minutes. Dinner Done has been developing high quality ready-to-cook entrees specifically for freezer-to-oven and quick-thaw/sauté preparation since 2004. It is a unique offering and one that is most definitely our area of expertise!

We love that our kids were raised on Dinner Done and now, as young adults, they serve it in their own homes!

There are a few different menus. Which do I order from?

Our Entrees & More menu is the one we recommend because it includes all of the dishes currently available for pickup and delivery. The Add to Cart button is at the bottom, and because this menu is so large, we organize it like this:

  1. Fresh Veggie Sides
  2. Chicken Entrees
  3. Beef Entrees
  4. Pork Entrees
  5. Seafood Entrees
  6. Brunch Dishes
  7. Sides
  8. Appetizers
  9. Desserts

The other menus that you see in our online store, for the most part, are there to make shopping a little more convenient if you’re looking for something in particular like keto-friendly dishes, sides, desserts, etc. 

How often does the menu change?

Dinner Done’s Featured Entrees Menu changes monthly.

Our Entrees & More menu selection changes more frequently as each weekday we will add new dishes made and remove those that have sold out.

What are your serving sizes?

Our Entrees & More entrees serve a family of 2-3, unless otherwise specified.  You’ll find the serving sizes for each dish specified in our menus.

Can I have my entrees customized?
We prepare our dishes in batches which helps us keep food waste near-zero and our prices low. Because of our batch process, we are unable to customize dishes.
Do you take requests?
If there is a Dinner Done dish you loved, please let us know. We are often able to make a batch!
Are cooking instructions included with the entrees?
Yes. Each entree is labeled with specific cooking instructions. Like any ready-to-cook entree, cooking times may vary depending on the starting temperature of the dish, as well as your individual oven and stove. For perfect results every time, we recommend using an instant read thermometer to ensure that your entrees are cooked to the proper internal temperature!
Where do you get your recipes?
We have been creating freezer-friendly recipes at Dinner Done since 2004. We currently have over 600 main dish (entree) recipes and a wide variety of side dish, appetizer, brunch and dessert recipes that have all been developed in-house.

We use a variety of suppliers to ensure the freshest, highest quality ingredients and work to minimize the use of unhealthy ingredients found in many of today’s prepared foods. For example, our Adobo spice blend is prepared in-house to ensure it contains no MSG! We read labels, ask questions, and do all we can to guarantee that only the most nutritious and delicious foods find their way to your (and our!) family’s dinner table.

How is your nutritional information calculated?

Our entrees are hand-crafted.  Unlike entrees prepared in manufacturing facilities, almost all of our ready-to-cook dishes are made by hand in small batches by the Dinner Done prep team.  Because of this, nutritional information can vary though we do our best to prepare each dish exactly as our recipe states.

Dinner Done uses software to calculate nutritional information and we strive to make it as accurate as possible.  All nutritional information is based on 3 servings for entrees, unless specifically stated otherwise.

Does Dinner Done use organic ingredients?
Dinner Done would love to provide organic ingredients for our dishes, however these products are often cost-prohibitive and not yet consistently available in the large quantities that we use.

We do realize that the organic market is growing and are watching for opportunities to add organic products to our offering, while also continuing to provide healthy meals at an affordable price.

As a general rule, we use ingredients that are similar to those sold in local grocery stores and used in fine restaurants. When we find organics at a reasonable price, we purchase those, too, but because the availability changes it is not something that we promise or advertise.

A family member has a severe allergy. Is Dinner Done OK for them?

If you have questions about ingredients in specific dishes, please give us a call at (813) 264-7700 before you place your order and we will be happy to assist.

At Dinner Done, we work hard to prevent cross-contamination of ingredients, however, please note that a wide variety of ingredients is used in our kitchen and we are unable to absolutely guarantee that there will be no cross-contamination.

In-Store or Curbside Pickup

Can I pickup today?

Of course! All online orders placed before 4pm are automatically set for same-day pickup.

You’re also welcome to pop in any time and shop while in the store. We’ll bag your order immediately.

How does curbside pickup work?

It’s easy! When you’re on your way, just give us a call at (813) 264-7700. We’ll be happy to bring your order to the car.

How will I know my order is ready for pickup?

As soon as we’ve got your order bagged, we’ll email you. 

If you don’t see an email from us, check your spam filter or feel free to give us a call at (813)264-7700.

I can’t pick up my order today. What should I do?

Don’t worry. We’ll gladly hold your order in our freezer.

If you’re delayed more than a few days past your scheduled pickup date, just let us know. 


Do you deliver?

Every Saturday, Dinner Done makes $5.95 Deliveries to one “zone” in Tampa Bay. When, or if, we offer $5.95 Delivery to your area depends on where you live and is easily checked in the “Choose Pickup or Delivery Date” box in our online store.

This map gives an idea of the areas in each of our delivery zones. We typically start on the first Saturday of each month with Zone 1.

If you are outside of our delivery zones, let us know. We have different meetup points in each of our zones and would be happy to meet you there!

Zone Map


How does the Special 10-Mile Delivery work?

For an additional delivery fee, we are able to make a special delivery to addresses within 10 miles of our Carrollwood store. Once the order has been placed, we’ll call to coordinate delivery for a mutually convenient time.

If you’re unsure if we can deliver to a specific address, just give us a call at (813) 264-7700.

I’d like to ship meals to an out-of-the-area address. Do you do that?
We are currently not able to ship meals. 
I placed a $5.95 Delivery order. What time will you deliver?

On Friday afternoon, we’ll send you an email with a 1-hour delivery time window. Of course, you are always welcome to call us with any questions or concerns!

I have to run out for a quick errand and might be gone when your driver arrives. What are my options?
If you will not be home during your delivery time but will be returning home soon, you may leave a large cooler in a shady area near the front door with a note clearly indicating that our driver should leave your delivery there.
I forgot you were coming and missed my delivery. What do I do?

If we have attempted delivery and you were not home, we will bring your meals back to the Dinner Done store and store them in our freezers until you are able to pickup at your convenience.

Payment & Pricing

Is Dinner Done expensive?

Our customers don’t think so. In fact, they often comment on how reasonable our prices are, especially when comparing portion size, quality, and prices to other prepared meal options and meal kits.

View our Entrees & More Menu for pricing on individual items.

For information on quantity discounts and our SuperChef Rewards program, view Ways to Save.

Where are your prices?

You’ll find the price of each of our dishes in the online menus. 

What credit cards do you take?
Dinner Done takes all major credit cards.
Can I pay with a check or cash?

Dinner Done does not accept checks, but if you’d like to pay for your order with cash please feel free to phone us to place your order. We will be happy to place it for you so that you may pay at pickup. Delivery orders must be pre-paid as our drivers are not equipped to take payment.

Do you store my credit card information?
For your security, Dinner Done does not store credit card information. We apologize for any inconvenience that may cause.

SuperChef Rewards

What is a SuperChef point?

It’s a part of our SuperChef Rewards program! Every time you make a purchase with a value of $99 or more, you’ll earn 1 SuperChef point.

If you earn 3 SuperChef points in a 4-month period (in other words, make three $99+ purchases), we’ll automatically add a $30 store credit to your Dinner Done account as our way of saying “Thanks!”.

Note that if you check out as a guest – instead of logging into your Dinner Done account – our system is not able to award a SuperChef point.

Do SuperChef points expire?

Yes, SuperChef points are only valid for 4 months. You can check the expiration date on SuperChef points in the “My SuperChef Points” area of your Dinner Done account. 

The “View History Log” will allow you to see used or expired SuperChef points. 

Where is my SuperChef point?

SuperChef points are created by our system once your order has been marked as delivered or picked up. If you believe that a SuperChef point is missing from your account, please let us know!

How do I use $30 SuperChef Reward?

Once you make three $99+ purchases within a 4-month period, our system will automatically create a $30 SuperChef Reward store credit and attach it to your Dinner Done account. You can see this in the “My Credits” are of your Dinner Done account page.

To use the credit as payment, simply check the “Store Credit” option in Step #3 (Payment) of the checkout process. 

Past Order Information

Can I see past orders?

Yes, as long as you were logged in to your Dinner Done account when they were placed. 

You’ll find all of your past orders in your Dinner Done account page. Clicking on orders will enable you to see details like dish description, nutritional information, and cooking instructions, too! 

At Home

Will all this food fit in my freezer?
Yes. We use an assortment of disposable pans and freezer bags. Your dishes should fit in a standard freezer with no problem.
What is the best way to thaw my entrées?

Many Dinner Done ready to cook entrées can go straight from the freezer to the oven. For those dishes that need to be thawed first, there are three safe ways to defrost food: in cold water, in the microwave or in the refrigerator. Thawing on the kitchen counter, or at room temperature is not a safe way of defrosting food.

Pro Tip: If you need to quickthaw a dish that is in a pan, simply pop it out, seal it tightly in a Ziploc and place in water for 15-20 min until thawed. Then you can put it back in the pan to cook!

How long will my meals last in the freezer?

Freezing is nature’s preservative (it’s true!). When food is kept frozen at 0F, the food is safe indefinitely. However, there will be a degradation in quality over time.

We recommend that Dinner Done meals are cooked within 6 months of purchase, however, should you discover a meal in your freezer that has been there longer (and has been frozen at 0F the entire time), it is safe to cook and eat.

What Our Community Is Saying


Five Star Rating

I love Dinner Done! They help my hectic week by making dinner so easy. The quality is always fantastic and the food is so delicious. We eat fabulous dinners that I would never take the time to make regularly. I recommend them regularly and will never stop going. Thank you Dinner Done!


Five Star Rating

I can’t say enough about how wonderful this place is. Not only is the food great, prices fair, but the customer service is excellent….I’ve been getting food at Dinner Done for 10 years and I am never disappointed. If you’re single, you’ll get three meals out of the dinners most likely. Big money saver.


Five Star Rating

I never review businesses on Google but this place is a life saver. Seriously. I have a 3 year old and 2 year old, I work early mornings and late evenings, my husband is an ER nurse…. This has made it easy for me to have a well rounded, nutritious and tasty dinner for my family every night. The meals are super good and super easy to cook…. and they even bring it out to your car for you...



Facebook Recommendation

I ordered Dinner Done last minute and was impressed how quickly my order was ready today. Anna is amazing! I loved how knowledgeable and helpful she was with us. We arrived close to closing and you never would have known because she treated us kindly.


Facebook Recommendation

Most of my meals are from Dinner Done… absolutely delicious!! Great variety and makes life so much easier. Highly recommend.


Facebook Recommendation

Great food & outstanding customer service.


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